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Welcome to the WWLUA’s new website. The WWLUA Board has worked hard during the past six months with Analogue Web Design to create a new website that provides comprehensive information in a format that is straight-forward, user-friendly and easy to navigate. Lacrosse parent and fan Jim Boyle has provided the attractive website photos and images.

Please explore this new site to learn about upcoming clinics, umpire certification steps, current rules and general information about WWLUA and lacrosse umpire activities. You may also use this website to register for training clinics and submit forms used by umpires and coaches.

WWLUA welcomes your comments about our new website. Please visit the WEBSITE FEEDBACK page to submit comments and suggestions. Thank you and have a great season.


The spring 2015 lacrosse season for umpires kicks off with the US Lacrosse National Convention on January 23-25 in Baltimore. Four members of the WWLUA Board will attend and participate in three days of clinics and training sessions.

The first series of classroom training clinics for umpires in Washington State will occur on Saturday, February 7, 2015 at Seattle Pacific University. Check out the tab at the left side of this page for more information about classroom clinics and on-field training.

Umpire Tips

Please watch this section of the WWLUA website throughout the season for umpire tips and suggestions. The first umpire tip of the season addresses umpire conditioning.

Umpire Conditioning

Proper conditioning is one of the most effective methods for avoiding injuries during the lacrosse season. The following suggestions are listed under the topic of “Lacrosse Injury Prevention” at the Stop Sports Injuries website:

If you have not already done so, now is the time to start conditioning in preparation for the spring 2015 lacrosse season.

Have fun and stay well.

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